DFL is a privileged way of working, a way that helps you make the difference so as to be appreciated by the clients in your area of expertise.

The DFL expertise integrates the juridical competencies with the practical psychology and the experience in management within the vast field of the lawyer profession. The generous new perspective, so justly called vision, stands for an innovative way of building relations with oneself, with the client, with the cases and the society in general. These concentric circles have the centre in the good heart, the creative mind and the rigorousness of the profession.

The reclaiming of the most honorable position the law profession has always had is one of the mst important objectives DFL has. Honor is the foundation that can support the modern construction that is the present lawyer-client relation.

Covering all times, the innovative relation between the DFLawyer and his client is focused on present in the reflection of the past and with an inspiration of the future.

The Relation beyond the Relations

The world we live in today allows us to see things differently… The present lawyers are aware of the entrepreneurial activity necessary for a successful business, but are also aware of the human relation … A DFL can manage both realities simultaneously, in all honesty and observing each perspective of both parties.

A DFLawyer reunites the two realities with humanism and rigor, having in mind both the client and himself. The ethics and the engagement belong to the personal sphere and to the task fulfilling one.

When these two realities go together a trustful and transparent atmosphere becomes the work environment of the lawyer and the client – an atmosphere that does not allow frustrations and tensions to develop.

The present need of the society is the mutual understanding and responsibility between layers and clients, based on honest and trustful confessions.

No old models are in use today – those where the power of the business man and the power of the lawyer were the only ways to leverage the relation. In fact, those powers were mere simulations, useless in an authentic collaboration. A DFLawyer would also use his own power in the service of the client, with empathy, respect and involvement.

Thus DFLawyer changes the paradigm of the lawyer-client relation, where the positive energy and the value of the relation become highly revealing.