Different & Unique

Different & Unique

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Further than what it may seem to be another book about how you could be more than you are – the present writing offers a new paradigm, Be Different paradigm.

Project started from the will to conceive the changing process - this book tells you that you should be the first to make the difference, the first to create his own perfect life environment, discovering something new and embracing the most profound feelings – in a word, to love and respect yourself in the most profound detail of your being.



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“Only acknowledging and accepting all the aspects of your inner universe you will feel fulfilled; and only knowing how to get in touch with them you will have a more beautiful, peaceful and healthy life, in harmony with your own values”.

"Be different"

Presents a concept, a life method and a new paradigm, which will help you get in touch with your profound inner self, to get to know “your inner twin” or, in other words, to know as many aspects as possible of your self – to get to know as many aspects as possible of your self; it teaches you that beyond appearance there is deepness and that be different means being the same.

We are born from the same divine source, we grow up raised by the society allowing to be modeled and we reach a point where we take life in to our own hands and we learn to live for real!

"Be Unique"

This book represents our belief and we hope, that yours too, dear readers, that we are different and unique as the fingerprints left proof to the world and we have the right to manifest the different in us and to respect the different of the others!
Extrapolating the significance, maybe paradoxical, of this word, we offer you a part of what we are, but not without helping you realize who you really are and without offering the necessary information to discover the different parts of your self and to be able to express as you really are without being afraid to be wrongfully judged or misunderstood.

We are small, we form and grow up, we evolve ... but there we always be something more, there will always be doors we haven’t opened yet, books we haven’t read yet, journeys we haven’t made yet and people we haven’t met or if we did, maybe we didn’t do it enough and before asking for something to the others ...we must offer ourselves or be sure that we understand the true meaning of our existence.
“When all will be understood in this light and everyone will feel peace in his heart, without having expectations from others or to judge other, only then will have a true contribution to the creation of a different world”
„An unique cell with the right to different lives “. We are the same because we all come from the same divine source and we have the same extraordinary qualities, but each and every one of us has the right to his own life, his own thinking, his own feelings and experiences; we are the ones creating ourselves, we give ourselves form and content, we are unique through beauty, grace, candor and eyes of the soul and we are different through imagination, creativity, courage, power and will to get where we really belong.

This is a volume inspired by the beauty in ourselves, life pages written with love and read a thousand times with the eyes of the soul... here you will find a part of what we really are as humans, here you will discover yourself together with your most profound inner connections.

We are a beam of light carried through the universe and we find our place on earth to light with the beauty and profoundness with which we were created!

Dare to get to know and discover yourself everyday, together with us!