DFLawyers - More than a lawyer

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The book for any lawyer, legal expert or law student who wishes to make a difference in this profession.

The book “More than a Lawyer” renders in a gradual manner the stages of DFL personal and professional development adapted to all levels.

The integrative approach is made explicit, in accessible terms. A DFLawyer has more clients, enjoys more successes in a healthy and harmonious state and can resonate better and better with the evolution of the entire society. 



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No information found for: DFLawyers - More than a lawyer


No information found for: DFLawyers - More than a lawyer

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A unique guide for the lawyer who wishes to Be more and to Have more quality clients with less stress.
Discover your potential to help yourself to be more than you think you are.

This book is all you need to access achievement in your profession.

“Integrates elements of personal development, management and communication in your profession”.

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In "More than a Lawyer" you will discover:

  • The simplest techniques to position yourself as a DFL in front of your clients . The clients will select you for the unique qualities you will prove from the very first meeting
  • More means more psychological and communication instruments you can use in order to attract the client you wished for .
  • More means to have at hand all the secrets that will energize you and give you the vitality you need in this profession… while your clients will recognize you as a DFLawyer in the relation you develop.
  • More means to have an open heart while you practice, because, trust us, this makes indeed the difference.
  • Integrate in your personal ritual that which fits you. Make a selection from the advice in the book and apart from the well-being you will experience from the very first days, you clients will appreciate you for what you prove.
  • More means you will attain your objectives based on an efficient aaction plan.
  • More because this will solve the inner conflicts, will reduce daily stress and you will have more time for your personal life. The DFLawyer is more… it becomes a Tradition.
  • Learn how to make the difference in your personal and professional life. Discover what a DFL means and how to be more…
  • Have you ever asked yourself what prevents you from achieving what you wanted when you first dreamt to be a lawyer? The lack of focus on your own resources is just one of the answers with reliable solutions in this book.
  • If up to now you found excuses to self sabotaging yourself, you now have direct access to the book that restarts your own life and career .
  • In this book you will find more answers to the questions HOW and WHY should I invest more in me?
  • This book is more than a book – it is a way to focus on how to use what you have acquired during your personal and professional experience.

Who is this book for?

  • the lawyers at the beginning of their careers
  • the jurists
  • the lawyers who are tired of practicing in a state of stress and lack of time
  • our personal lives
  • the lawyers who wish to have more clients
  • the lawyers who wish to have quality clients
  • the students who dream to become lawyers
  • the lawyers who feel disoriented and confused
  • the lawyers who wish to make something else in their life
  • the lawyers who wish to cross their limits
  • the leading lawyers
  • the involved lawyers
  • all the professionals who want more from life
  • "You're what you do, not what you say you're doing"
  • This book is all you need to access achievement in your profession.

"You're what you do, not what you say you're doing"

Avocat Iulia Ioana Huiduc - Manolescu

"When you ache, you go to the doctor. When your tire goes flat, you go to a workshop. When you have a problem, you go to the lawyer… But what happens when a lawyer has a problem? When a lawyer no longer knows how to deal with the social stress that overcomes us all… how to deal with the tension in the court or negotiations, with the suffering and the insistence of the clients, with the pressures of the family life (in case this lawyers was lucky enough to have a family?), with the economic and political crisis and all the pressures and tensions he Has to deal with Successfully?

I am most glad such a platform exists – as well as the book “More than a Lawyer”. They both answer our questions and give the solutions necessary to attain performances while regaining the personal and professional balance, and, last but not least, I am glad there is a community where we can support each other.

The unique method in the world - aims to help lawyers become responsible for their quality of life (by criteria such as Happiness, Success, Health or Vitality) and to activate their full potential to become successful and truly "successful " on all sides.

Lawyer Iulia Ioana Haiduc - Manolescu

Lawyer Iulia Ioana Haiduc - Manolescu

The book is a very useful instrument for blending the personal development domain with the specifics of the lawyer profession in a story accessible to all those who have an open heart for the understanding of the main responsibility we have in this life – that is to evolve. I have read the pages of this book with an extatic delight as I have discovered these two outstanding ladies who have the courage to pioneer a project bound to change the paradigm of the law professionals and not only... I wish to thank them here for all that meant the conception of this book and I wish to reassure them that their voices deserve to be heard by as many persons as possible. The book is indispensable to the lawyer who respects his profession and who respects himself enough to sculpt his life on the parameters he establishes. This book is the foundation of the formation of next generation of lawyers who know that an ”extra” qualifier is obtained through a profound love of God and oneself, next to hard work, talent originality and the undertaking of the responsibility of what you manifest in your life.The book is a blessing for the life of all those who believe in their poential and who wish to learn how to turn this potential into an actual value.

Lawyer Catalina Popi

Lawyer Iulia Ioana Haiduc - Manolescu

I am both happy and grateful for the materialization of my wish to meet in person the authors of the book ”UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT”, the two ladies – distinguished lawyers – the two sisters who live in a communion within the synergy of the personal development and law profession.

Through the prism of this second book, I discover a particular approach and an honest rendering of the life story of two souls who begin a new journey – that of blessing the lives of the people who are active in the juridical area.

Iulia Zarian